Слот инопланетная атака

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Alien Attack from Castle Irish Online Casino brings slots right up to date with a fast paced 32 line game where playing clever can bring you big wins. This is not just a spin and wish game, you have a lot of control and don’t forget, you have an alien invasion to repel. You have all the fun of an arcade game; the sci-fi symbols flash past in seconds and you have to keep your wits about you in this online slot from Castle Irish Online Casino. With Castle Irish Online Casino’s £100 bonus when you sign up, you will have plenty of opportunity to master the little secrets to successfully play this game. When you have it licked, you’ll find a special bonus round, where the jackpots grow to galactic proportions. Castle Irish Online Casino slots are the best in town, but playing Alien Attack takes things to a whole novel level. Take your best shot at the aliens and reap the rewards.

Remember, when signing-up to Castle Irish Online Casino you get a £100 bonus on the house to help you increase your chances of beating our Alien Attack slot – register today and claim!

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